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Motorhome Holidays with Your Pet Pooch

Dogs are very much part of the family so why shouldn’t they enjoy a holiday too? Taking your canine away with you shouldn’t be difficult and now, luckily, with a motorhome holiday, it isn’t.

A motorhome is easily the most adaptable holiday for a pet, especially dogs, due to the notion of being able to take everything you need with you; lead – check! Bowls – check! Food- check!

UK motorhome holidays can offer many beautiful destinations and landscapes for both you and your dog. Discovering new parts of the country through canine walks can be a good day for the both of you. Meeting other dog walkers along the way comes hand-in-hand with a holiday like this and it is a great way to find out some helpful hints and tips and the best areas to explore.

The freedom to take your pet on holiday and to visit multiple counties is one of the most appealing aspects of a motorhome holiday to pet owners. Comforts of home are there for not only you but for your dog as well, making a motorhome holiday a comfortable and relaxing break for all holiday makers human or animal!

If you fancy discovering Europe with Rex then why not take him with you! European motorhome holidays are more popular than ever and with the ability to let your pooch hop on for the ride will make for a great family holiday.

Forget the stresses of having to employ a dog-sitter or pay kennel fees, the only pay out you will need to make would be for a pet passport, something that is quite easily attainable these days.

A popular option for many is jumping on the ferry to Spain. Brittany Ferries operate up to five sailings a week from Portsmouth and Plymouth to Santander and Bilbao in Northern Spain and even have dedicated dog friendly cabins and walking decks! On board you will find numerous pet owners including dogs, cats and even the odd rabbit!

Remember, where ever you may be heading in your motorhome this year if you plan on taking the family pet don’t forget:

Dog towels – don’t ruin your upholstery!

Leads – for all those doggy walks.

Non-slip food and drink bowls – to maintain any spillage.

Dog toys – we all like to have some fun including the dog so don’t leave them out!

Food – especially if your dog only prefers certain brands.


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